Month: October 2016


So, readers, I was thinking about a persistent idea I’ve been having- it’s easy to ignore, as my weird ideas have been for about six months or so now- and wishing I had a bipolar friend to talk to. I’d ask, “Do you think about time travel? Do you think about psychic powers? Do you wonder if these things are real, too, despite knowing they contradict all known laws of physics?”

So I decided to see if these ideas are common among bipolar folks. In my rummaging around on the internet, I came across Natasha Tracy and her interesting blog and website on bipolar disorder and living with it.

Now, we aren’t friends- I don’t know this person- but there is camaraderie in reading someone else describing something you, too, have experienced. I haven’t delved into it much yet, but I plan on buying her book and I’ve written a couple of emails (mostly about the supplements I’ve been taking- which, I must stress, work in concert with prescription medications! I really need all of them, it seems, to have a reasonably calm and normal life, along with regular sleep and proper meals, and sunshine). I’m hoping the emails provide useful information. What works for me may not work for everybody, but if I can keep one person from sliding repeatedly into hell, it will have been worthwhile.

Have a great day, everybody.