Seven months later

Seven months since I started taking both B12 and 5-HTP, and I am happy to report: no major depressive episodes, no major bouts with delusion (though I do have occasional weird ideas, it doesn’t grab me the way it used to), and while I’m often tired for no apparent reason, I have more energy and am happier in general than I’ve been in about eight years. I’ve managed to start an exercise program- I have a fitness tracker and I love using it, so I find myself making excuses to take long walks. It’s adding up into some fitness gains and weight loss, which is helpful.

Can’t stress enough that if you’re dealing with bizarre thoughts and episodes of depression, that you should ask your doctor to check you out for B12 deficiency and serotonin deficiency. Treating these may revolutionize your life, if you’re deficient (if not, no gains and possible adverse side effects, so get tested).


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