Month: April 2016

Two months later

So yes, two months ago (give and take) I was diagnosed with vitamin B12 deficiency. Lots has happened- including the death of my father- and I currently am fighting off a viral infection. But all through all this time I’ve taken my B12 supplement every day, putting it under my tongue and letting it dissolve.

It did not seem to have an immediate effect. When I started taking 5-HTP the effects were almost instantaneous- I noticed a difference within six hours. I’ve only gradually changed with B12, and while my energy levels have slowly been increasing (very slowly), one other change I’ve noticed is that the frequency of delusions is less, and the intensity of the delusions is also lower. So this is a good sign!

I am hoping if I continue taking B12 that it might have an effect on my energy levels- which are still low, though as I pointed out earlier, I’m a bit sick right now, and I’m also kind of depressed about my father. I think considering everything I’m not doing too badly. ┬áB12 deficiency results in a kind of anemia which results in fatigue, so it may take me a while to build my blood back up to normal levels. If I’m right, I’ve been B12 deficient and anemic for a good decade or so now, because I’ve been really (inexplicably) tired the entire time, and before when I complained I was always told it was just age or poor exercise habits.

I wonder how many bipolar people, or schizophrenic people, who suffer from horrifying delusions are deficient in serotonin and/or B12? For me, the combination of a serotonin precursor (5-HTP) and B12 is reversing most of my psychological symptoms. I can’t say it will work for everyone, but it is a low-cost treatment that is certainly working for me. If you suffer from delusions and don’t know why, ask your doctor if you can get blood tests for serotonin and B12 levels. It’s easy to treat these if they are deficient, and it could change your life for the better.