A month off to catch up on things sounds heavenly right now.

I’m pleased- not only have I been sleeping well, for the most part, but I’ve recently been sent some information that makes me pretty happy. Apparently someone has cured cancer tumours with bacteria! This relates directly to one of my work projects (more information here). 

I’d like to do a lot of things in the next few days, and I wonder if I will have energy to do them all. I want to work on my novel, I want to put together information for a paper on something relating to my cancer bacteria work, I want to finish work to do with my paid job. I’d also like to spend time learning about physics theories involving quantum mechanics and time travel for a second book idea.

It’s unlikely that I’ll do all these things. That’s fine, I’m managing fairly well, despite fighting off some kind of flu-like illness over the past couple of days (I spend a lot of time asleep, and work when I’m not sleeping).

I do feel better, thankfully- just in time for the weekend! I still want to get caught up with things at work, though, so I will be fighting to maintain a balance between relaxation and taking care of my health, and productivity. I will wait and see what happens. 

One thing that’s a bit odd- I found myself wondering if the cell phone number I had for someone was actually his number, or someone else’s. Now I’m afraid to call that number, not being absolutely sure who might answer!

I’d love to take all my papers and a computer and go someplace warm and sunny, where I could sit on a patio and relax and get lots of deferred work accomplished. I kind of envy the month my ex-psychiatrist took for just this purpose. A month off to catch up on things sounds heavenly right now. 


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