Here’s another kitten photo

Another update in this journal: things have been really good lately! I am making good progress with my projects at work, despite dealing with bouts of fatigue and headache that make it hard for me to focus on writing tasks, and yesterday I was given a set of data that is rewarding to deal with. I am quite content with work, though I often find myself wishing I had a nicely appointed office with ergonomic furniture! I often get neck aches from bending over my computer, and I would like a larger desk. 

I have been mostly in a good mood, though I am a bit worried about my inability to sleep lately. Sometimes my mind wanders off into strange little fantasies, which I try to make a note of in my actual diary so I can use them later in fiction writing. 

I’ve been told that I’m a “strange one”, and this is true. I was told this in the context of my spending about five minutes trying to change the desktop background on my husband’s tablet to a photograph of kittens suspended in underwear. I was unsuccessful- I was trying to do this quietly, without being noticed, as a little joke to play on him, and it turned out that he had to make the change himself. I’m still not used to Windows 8.

Here is the kitten photo:

Obtained by Google searching "cute kittens images" - unsure of photographer

Obtained by Google searching “cute kittens images” – unsure of photographer

May you have a pleasant day. I am looking forward to another day myself, hopefully productive. I have a lot of things outside work that I want to spend time on- my novel, a new refinement for another novel idea, reading a fascinating book I found about additional dimensions in spacetime. One thing at a time, one day at a time, and I am hopeful that I’ll find the energy to work on all these things in the time I have. 

Here’s another kitten photo:

Again, not sure of photographer

Again, not sure of photographer


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