Eventually, I’ll get there.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, largely because I have been busy. Today was a busy day as well, and a BBC show (Paradise) is on the television. It’s an interesting show, and I’m paying attention, but I felt I should say something here. It is a diary, after all. 

I wrote a few friends about an odd dream I had that was fairly amusing- it had to do with a strange phone call, “The Daily Show”, a famous celebrity, and someone unexpectedly kissing Jon Stewart at my direction (I was quoting Peter Griffin from “Family Guy” at the time). I woke up giggling from it. One of my friends, whom I confide in fairly often, wrote back to me that I’m a “strange one” and he is quite right- I’ve had all sorts of strange ideas, some of which inspire my fiction, some of which I keep mostly to myself. 

I’ve been dealing with a fair number of things- my cancer research project, other projects I’m juggling, my regular work, and I’m still trying to find time to take care of my health and spend time writing. There’s a reason I’m not terribly productive at home which is highly personal and which I will not share; this makes getting restful sleep difficult some nights. I’m spending a fair amount of time in coffee shops and libraries as a consequence. One way or another, I will meet my obligations. 

I may be on the verge of a major life change that would help me achieve a fair number of my goals, and help my husband achieve his as well. It may take me a bit longer than most, but eventually, I’ll get there. 




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