These are the sorts of things I do to pass the time.

Today I’ve taken care of a number of little things, and submitted one paper (I wrote it in my spare time, which sounds impressive until I tell you it’s just a hypothesis paper that’s only about 1500 words long), and I’m pretty much finished with another. I’m waiting for a figure for the second paper, and I need to put finishing touches on the manuscript as well as the supporting information, but it’s pretty much finished.

Got some good news today- my reference letters are all uploaded for a job I’d like to have! The submission deadline is June 20, so I am hopeful that I’ll get an email back from them sometime after that. My research trip to UCLA is from June 30 to July 12, with travelling days bracketing those days, so I’m hoping I can take care of the interview either before I leave or after I come back.

I’m a bit stalled on a third paper I should be writing, mostly because I am using data supplied by a student, and I’m not sure he calculated the figures in his thesis correctly. The data file I have is at odds with one of the figures in his thesis. It’s kind of difficult to talk about what his data means when there are two possible, and very different, interpretations of the data, so I’m really dependent on waiting for his input so I know what data we have to work with. I can write a paper either way, but it will be a waste of time to go ahead without this input.

A fourth paper is in the data analysis stage, and unfortunately the analytics are slow. One part of the work will be done by a collaborator in Denmark, and that may or may not lead to something. Another part I am doing and the analysis I’m on will take another week, maybe longer, to complete.

For a possible fifth paper, I am waiting to hear back from a collaborator. I should contact him next week to see if he’s been able to look at my data or not.

And finally, I’m probably going to start on a review paper while all this work is going on, because I have free time and no lab work to do at the moment.

These are the sorts of things I do which pass the time for me, fairly quickly most of the time. Most days are like today, a day where I can focus and get quite a lot accomplished.


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