She’s not wrong.

I like to think I’m fairly tough, and I can put up with a lot- but today I found myself wondering, more than once, if I might need to rest more than I have been. I’ve been lacking sleep for a few nights now, and my moods have progressively worsened.

Instead of working tonight I am trying to rest, just in case, and plan to sleep early. I hate this fragility, but it’s my responsibility to act as warden for my own brain. Like it or not, it’s my responsibility to earn a living for my husband and myself, and I can’t keep doing that if I can’t focus at work because I’m distracted. I managed fairly well today, but why push it?

My aunt Marion, a GP, mentioned to me yesterday that she doesn’t understand people that bring their work home with them, and that she feels it is very important to enjoy life, to relax.

She’s not wrong.

For me, for tonight, a hot bath followed by tea and a pleasant book are in order.


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